Application Instructions

To apply you must be an undergraduate student during the duration of the program. If your graduation date is before or during the REU, you are ineligible to apply. You must be an U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent resident to apply.

We accept applications from undergraduate students (including two-year institutions) majoring in Computer Science or Computer Science-related studies (e.g., math). You must be at least in your second year of your major and you should have taken programming classes.

To apply please use the NSF ETAP System.

Deadline to apply: March 12 / 2022.

Note: If you are selected and you accept our invitation, you will need to provide proof of US Citizenship or US Permanent Residency. Examples of documents that may support this item are: US Passport (biographical page), US Permanent Residency card, US Birth Certificate. We will request these documents when needed.

COVID-19 Contingency for Summer 2022: As of December of 2021, our 2022 REU will be hosted at Columbus State University (Columbus GA). Should the COVID-19 situation changes, we may host the REU fully online.