2021 Calendar

Tentative Calendar for 2021 REU

Note: We expect mentees to meet with mentors two times every week.


May 26 2021 (morning): Introductory / Start REU meeting (10:00AM EST). Students take initial project evaluation survey.

May 26 2021 (afternoon): Meetings with mentors

May 27 2021: Introduction/Workshop on Mobile Computing and IoT (10:00AM - 12:00PM EST)

Introduction/Workshop on Cybersecurity (2:00PM EST - 4:00PM EST)

May 28 2021: Introduction/Workshop on Cybersecurity (10:00AM - 12:00PM EST)

Introduction/Workshop on Mobile Computing and IoT (2:00PM EST - 4:00PM EST)


June 2nd 2021: Talk on research in CS (10:00AM EST)

Task on finding a paper and prepare a small presentation (take a look at https://web.stanford.edu/class/ee384m/Handouts/HowtoReadPaper.pdf)

June 3rd 2021: Presentation on Blockchain and IoT devices by past REUs Xavier Rodriguez and James Ericsson (3:00PM EST)

June 9th 2021: Small presentation on chosen paper from previous week (11:30AM EST)

June 10th 2021: Research Presentation by Dr. Peker (3:00PM EST)

June 16th 2021: Research Ethics/Human Subjects (10:00AM EST) / Take CITI Training (moved from June 9th).

June 17th 2021: Presentation by Mr. Michael Barker, Director TSYS Center for Cybersecurity @ CSU

Students prepare for midterm presentation

June 23rd 2021: Mid-project Presentation (10:00AM EST)

June 24th 2021: Tentative Research Presentation by Dr. Chouchane (3:00PM EST)

June 30th 2021 : Talk about Graduate School (10:00AM EST)


July 7th 2021: Talk about Preparing Posters (delivered by COOL tentatively)

July 8th 2021: Tentative Research Presentation (TBA)

July 14th 2021: Talk about the 3 Minute Thesis Framework

July 15th 2021: Tentative Research Presentation (TBA)

July 21st 2021: Start of last REU week. Students should prepare papers/posters/videos

July 22nd 2021: Tentative Research Presentation (TBA)

July 28th 2021: Last REU day. Submission of 3 Minute video, Final Presentations and poster submissions. Students take final evaluation survey.

July 23rd - July 30: Students should schedule a meeting with external project evaluator.