Application Instructions

To apply you must be an undergraduate student. 

We accept applications from undergraduate students (including two-year institutions) majoring in Computer Science or Computer Science-related studies (e.g., math). You must be at least in your second year of your major and you should have taken programming classes.

To apply you need to perform the following two steps:

1. Fill out the online application form available through this link.

2. Submit via e-mail the following documents (as pdf files) : 
  1. A 2-page essay explaining your reasons to participate in the REU project. Please include a description of how the participation in the REU project will be meaningful to your career goals, if you have had experience in research, and the type of projects that you would like to participate. Check Mobile Sensing and Security in the Internet and our past years' pages. Also check the websites of the mentors (Dr. Perez, Dr. Peker, Dr. Paul Wang and Dr. Shushane).                                                                           
  2. Unofficial Academic Transcripts that show your current major, GPA and coursework.                               
  3. A minimum of two recommendation letters from faculty at your home institution. 
    • Faculty can email their recommendation letters directly to applications "at" reucsu "dot" org. We will acknowledge the reception of the letters.                                                                                 
Send these documents in a single e-mail to address: applications "at" reucsu "dot" org . Please use as Subject in your email the following:

Application REU 2019: <your name> .

Note: If you are selected and you accept our invitation, you will need to provide proof of US Citizenship or US Permanent Residency. Examples of documents that may support this item are: US Passport (biographical page), US Permanent Residency card, US Birth Certificate.